10 pose ideas for Mommy and Child

Photoshoot with the participation of children differs from other types of portrait shooting. Children often do not listen to instructions, but behave more naturally and ease. Professional photographers often devote the whole day watching children and parents taking many tender and funny moments, sincere joy and great unearthly love.

1. Mom with a child in her arms - it is so beautiful and tender. When the baby is infant, it would be more touching when you wrap him in a blanket or towel.

2. One of the easy and emotional pose when mom hugs the child from behind. They can look directly at the camera or at each other.

3. Looks good pose when a child hugs mom. Having captured their emotions and feelings of intimacy, you will make a priceless photo.

4. Perfect pose when mom and baby are very close to each other so that you can capture their affinity in close-up shot.

5. Let mom kiss the baby's forehead in order to show the emotional connection in the photos. Shooting is going in profile. Ask them to hug each other tightly and kiss.

6. Try also to photograph children and parents in motion. Let them play, do not worry, just watch and shoot. As an option, ask them to run, holding hands.

7. Another pose when parent and the child quietly walking - make photos from behind. Make a several frames and select the most interesting photos.

8. Ask the parents to take the child with an interesting affair by reading, drawing, or other activities.

9. Try to use the place of shooting. For example, the everyday and natural pose, when they are lying on the ground and hug or indulge with each other.

10. If the child is small, the mother can circle him or throw him up in the air. Cheerful photos provided.

Do not force the child to repeat any adult poses or emotions. It always spoils the photo. Let everything be natural. It is necessary to choose the moment when the child is cheerful, playful, when he shows interest or is busy with something. The photo session should turn into an exciting game.

A wonderful opportunity for parents to keep in memory the tender age of their children.


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