10 pose ideas for Kids and Toddlers

Taking pictures of children is always fun, amusingly and very positive, but be prepared for the fact that they are constantly in motion and are unlikely to follow your instructions. Therefore, have patience. Try to adapt to their natural behavior and wait for the right moment to take a picture.

1. The portrait must be present in the children's album. Photographing should be at the level of the child’s eyes. It is important to catch his characteristic facial expressions, emotions and behavior. To make children feel at ease, invite them to hug or play with their favorite toy.
2. Try to take a photo of a child in his daily environment when he plays, reads, look at the book, draws, or is engaged in another favorite activity. You should organize shooting in a way that the child does not notice your presence.
3. Successful photos came from a low angle. Ask the child to lie on the floor, sofa or on the ground (if you are in nature) and so photograph him. It is funny if you make a "house" out of a blanket or other scrap materials. The main thing - make sure that the colors fit well and the frame does not fall into unnecessary items. The pose is relaxed when the child lies with his hand under his head. Cute looks when the child is lying on his stomach and leans on his hands.
4. Ask the child to make a face, laugh, or say something loudly. In such situations, receiving of very emotional and valuable photographs is guaranteed.
5. Very simple and emotional postures are obtained when a child smiles at you sweetly just by sitting on the floor or leaning on a support.
6. Be sure to take a picture of the child with his parents. A truly touching pose when a child hugs or kisses mom and dad. Having captured their emotions and feelings of intimacy, you will make a priceless photo.
7. You will receive interesting shots, using delicacies (sweets, ice cream) and fruit in order to occupy the children during the shooting.
8. Soap bubbles and balloons are one of the essential elements of children's photography. Firstly, children love balloons and love soap bubbles. Secondly, you can make creative photos by catching the light and glare on the bubbles - this will be the highlight of your photo.
9. When photographing outdoors, you can invite child to play. If there is no ball in the vicinity - that is okay, just ask the child to run towards you. You can hide behind any object, for example, a tree, and look out of the shelter. A very funny and joyful pose is a jump pose. The lower you shoot, the higher the jump will seem.
10. When you take children's photos, do not forget about pets, because they are also members of the family.

Of course, try different angles especially the photo from above. When shooting children, try to capture the frame with his parents more often, these photos are the most valuable.
Let me remind you once again that children are a source of constant movement and endless emotions. Poses, facial expressions and eyes, their mood changes with the speed of light. Keep that in mind. Correctly adjust your camera, shoot in continuous shooting mode. Take many shots of the same composition and then you will get great shots.

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